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Zuccherini Spiritosi: Alcoholic Sugar Cubes

Zuccherini Spiritosi: Alcoholic Sugar Cubes

This Piedmont recipe is perfect served as digestif after a meal or to give an extra touch to your tea.
The recipe is very easy and quick: the sugar cubes soaked in alcohol with your favourite ingredient for at least one month.

Sugar cubes
Herbs: mint, sage, basil...
Spice: cinnamon, cloves..
Fruits: citrus fruits (only the skin), berry fruits. Avoid fruit rich in water, the water will dissolve the sugar cubes.
Flowers, liquorice, coffee..
95% potable alcohol
Airtight jar

First chose the aromas you prefere.
Wash the herbs/fruits and accurately dry them.
Wash and sterilize the airtight jar.
Arrange the sugar cubes and the aromas in layers, then cover with the potable alcohol.
Seal up the jar. The zuccherini should be left for at least one month in a cool and dark place. Choose different combination for each jar, the result will be very colorful! It is a quick and original idea for a DIY gift!

Some combinations: orange and cinnamon, mint and lime, liquorice and lemon, blueberries and cardamom.

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