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We all love pasta!

We all love pasta!

Pasta is integrant part of Italy's culture, indeed in each italian region you will find a typical and unique kind of pasta.
The origin of pasta dates back ancient etruscan and roman populations:

it was a simple blend of water and weat flour, daily produced and cooked in hoven or heated stones.
In Grotta Bella, an etruscan tomb in Cerveteri, near Florence (it was built during X-XI sec b.C. about 3000 years ago!), surveys represent tools used to make pasta, like italian housewives do nowadays: pastry board, rolling pin and a wheel to cut pasta.
Few years later the famous roman philosofer Cicero, wrote about "laganum", the ancestor of our beloved lasagne!
The first who dried out pasta, like we do nowadays, were the arabs. During their trip throughout the desert, water wasn't enough to produce every day fresh pasta. So they made small cylinder-shaped pasta with a hole in the center to dry out it rapidly and store for long period. This kind of pasta is now called "rista" and served with lentils.
In the southern part of Italy, thanks to dry and windy climate, pasta was dried out by air exposure, the most renowned area were Torre Annunziata e Gragnano, in Campania.
Later in the northern part of Italy, was created the "giostra" a turning wooden tool with frames carrying pasta, placed in a heated up room for drying.
The Middle Ages brought some innovations:
- instead of cooking pasta in the hoven, it was boiled,
- new shapes were created, rigatoni, penne, bucatini,
- and in the northen region of Italy were born tagliatelle, tagliolini, ravioli, tortellini, many kind of "pasta all'uovo", pasta produced with flour and eggs instead of water.
Pasta is so good that it is widespread all over the world, but the italians are number one in pasta consuption. When you prepare pasta the golden rules are: not overcook it and toss pasta in water only when it's boiling, not before!

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