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Nduja is an unique salume from Calabria, in few words it is a chilli-spiced spreadable pork sausage.
It's made up largely of pig-head bits, shoulder, belly as well as tripe (minus the cheeks which are used for guanciale) and flavoured with spectacular quantities of red hot pepper. The pork meat and the fat are ground with tight holes sieves by hand, as well as the red hot pepper. Then they are mixed togheter and packed into the lower part of the gut forming a singular shape.
'Nduja originates from the southern part of Calabria, namely from the small town of Spilinga, from which it is named the 'Nduja di Spilinga DOP, and its neighborhood.

Thinly spread on toasted bread, used as a base for a stew or in a pasta dish with shellfish, it spreads its rich flavour and spiciness right into the part of the brain that stores the best memories of food. Just a table spoon of this delected calabrian salumi will give an extra touch to your dishes and and since it is chock-full of hot pepper it has aphrodisiac properties too!
Try a toast with mozzarella and 'nduja with a fresh glass of pinkish Cirò Rosato DOC. You will want more and more!



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